Junior Faculty Assistance

Junior Faculty The Art of Grantsmanship & Proposal Development

TEES is committed to assisting our faculty in developing their grantsmanship to produce the best, most competitive proposal submissions to a variety of funding agencies. Assistance varies from phone calls, face-to-face meetings, to fully participating on development of a proposal and covers items such as strategic planning, facilitating partnerships for education or research links, assisting with broader impacts, critical edits and reviews, and one-on-one workdays to springboard your proposal.

For collaborations and partnerships on research and research opportunities, please also check out the SMARTS/GENIUS System. SMARTS is the database portion that allows matches of your research interests to funding opportunities, while GENIUS is the portion that allows interest area entry for searches for collaborators.

You will become familiar with submitting proposals to various agencies in search of funding for your research and education efforts. Finding information about a potential funding program is important in giving you the lead time needed to develop a competitive proposal. Don’t forget to ask your peers and departmental faculty for their suggestions on funding sources. So you think you have a good idea? Be sure to check out the So What? factor.

The Proposal Tips link will also help you learn the proposal development process, and it provides several templates (NSF, NIH, budget categories, CV) to help you get started as well as a wealth of important information for you to consider during the development of your proposal. Also learn helpful information such as what the procedures are if the proposal is a Limited Submission, when should you contact the SRS office for budget assistance, and why you should keep your department head informed of your proposal submission plans.

TEES offers workshops and seminars designed to assist faculty in the proposal process throughout the year.