Indirect Splits

The distribution of collected F&A costs from funded projects for Texas A&M University (TAMU), Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), and Brazos county-based projects for Texas A&M Agrilife Research (Agrilife) is being changed to better support research. First, note that all F&A costs are assessed on funding projects to appropriately recover actual costs to operate projects within the University and agencies. This negotiated rate is computed to include some costs that cannot be charged directly on most grants, and includes depreciation and interest cost associated with the physical plant; operating and maintenance costs such as utility, security, and custodial costs; and common administrative functions such as SRS, payroll, and purchasing. These are real costs and must be paid.

The Research Development Fund (RDF) will make strategic investments for the good of the total faculty research enterprise, regardless of which unit administers the faculty member’s research project. These investments are likely to be in the areas of:

  • Core research facilities and equipment, and their initial operation
  • Strategic and significant renovations of existing facilities
  • Investment in faculty development and support for competing for exceptionally large projects

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